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The FL VRMA maintains a number of standing committees and adhoc committees that tackle the important tasks related to the general mission of the association. Each committee has a specific area of focus and is driven by FL VRMA Board of Director members and general membership. If you feel that you can lend a particular expertise to any of our working committees please send us a letter of interest with your experience and request. We look forward to working with you on the important FL VRMA tasks at hand. 

Membership Committee: Chairman, Tom Holevas

The Membership committee is intricately involved in the recruitment and retention of membership partners in the FVRMA. Through our Membership Committee we actively promote the benefits of being an FVRMA Vacation Rental Manager Member or one of our Affiliate Members. In addition a number of Member Sponsorships are also available to get your business more visibility and more customers. 

Annual Conference (XTRAVAGANZA) Planning: Nikki DeVeronica, Committee Chairman

The FL VRMA Annual Conference is held each year to provide both Vacation Rental Managers & Affiliate Members with a platform to meet, network and grow their businesses. The XTRAVAGANZA is a 3 day educational conference featuring nearly 70 industry vendors from all across the country. This years XTRAVAGANZA is September 9-11 at the Omni Resort and Conference Center, Champions Gate, Florida.

By Law Review Committee, Tony Santilli

As with any organization the governing By-Laws or association policies change from time to time with amendments to its corporate documents. The By-Law review committee suggests proposed changes and amendments to such documents for approval by the Board of Directors and the membership. 

Legislative & Government Policy : Paul Hayes, Chairman,  Lori Killinger, Legislative Counsel

As an industry association continuing to monitor the government and political influence on our industry is key to protecting our members and their businesses. The FL VRMA continues to advocate on behalf of its members and the industry in general to make sure that changes to regulatory statutes and public policy does not create a hardship for the growth of our industry and the members of the FL VRMA. For more information on our efforts on legislative affairs refer to our Political Action Committee pages at Legislative Action. You can also become very active and supportive with financial help to fund this initiative through a donation to our PAC. 

Central Florida Event Planning: Tim Justynski, Chairman

The Central Florida region is our Florida VRMA home base of operations, therefore many of our regularly scheduled events annually are planned around this central location which easily accommodates many of our regions in the drive market. From our Annual Awards Gala to our social nights and major attraction hosted meetings, we have something for every member to attend. Watch our calendar for more information on these events. 

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